Sunday, May 1, 2011

That Day I Fell Out of an Airplane

The picture below shows me and my Uncle Steve (my mother's brother). It was taken in 1972 in Miami, Florida.

As a little girl, when I would see this picture in our photo album, I was told that I had fallen out of an airplane, and my Uncle Steve was fortunately there to catch me. :-) Best story ever!!

If you look closely, you can see the old-school pacifier I wore on a ribbon around my neck. My mom tells me that one day, I put it somewhere safe, and the spot was so safe that no one ever saw it again. I'm also told that one day I took her wedding ring and stowed it safely outside in the yard in the grass. Amazingly (and the reason that I am still alive to tell the tale), the ring was found!

Anyway, back to the picture - if you squint and look even more closely, you can see that I have an actual real-life diaper pin holding my diaper on! Now there's something you don't see around, unless you watch old Bugs Bunny or Three Stooges episodes. I remember those diaper pins, they were big and had a plastic or metal cover on the one end that was pastel-y in color (I guess so it didn't look so much like a safety pin).

I'm so happy to have this picture!!