Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - 31 July 2013

Not really wordless!  In honor of my cousin Mike and his wife Misi welcoming a bouncing baby boy to their family this past week, here is Mike as a baby.  :-)  A genealogist always loves adding new members to the family tree!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Surname Saturday - Lots of German Names

So prior to what I like to call "The Great Brick Wall Collapse of 2012", when I researched my maternal Grandfather's line I only had 3 surnames:


I still have zilch on Obendorfer - that was my great-grandmother and I'm pretty sure she must have been an Austrian spy because she kept her secrets close and never let them go.

That left me with Domelle and Reiser.  These 2 German names came from a region in what is in modern day Romania but for nearly two hundred years was settled by lots of Germans.

Thanks to my research on my ancestral towns of Triebswetter (a.k.a Tomnatic, a.k.a Nagy-Õsz) and Glogowatz (a.k.a Vladimirescu, a.k.a. Glogovác) I now have lots of new German surnames in my direct line.

My newly discovered surnames are:


I'm still working on filling in the dots for these new surnames (as they relate to my direct line) but in the meantime I did a little word cloud to show a relative snapshot of the number of relatives I have for each surname so far.  It will be interesting to do this over time and see how they change.