Sunday, June 23, 2013

My mtDNA and Matrilinear Line

So I sent off my DNA to the same place I sent my maternal Grandfathers (  With bated breath I awaited my results because I thought here's a great test, let's see if they figure out I'm related for sure to this other sample.  You don't expect me to just trust all this DNA voodoo-hoodoo stuff, right? 

Well, luckily for science, sure enough they came back and said I had some sort of relationship with my Grandfather's results, and they suggested a few, one of which was grandparent/grandchild! 

Chalk one up for Science, yay!!

I also found out what my mtDNA haplogroup is - I am a "W1".  From what I can tell in my 50 seconds of online research, this haplogroup occurs with a low frequency, so my status as a unique snowflake is confirmed.

Now that I know I am a W1, I took a look back at my matrilinear line to see how far back I go - here it is (only birth surnames, not married names, are listed):

Leah's Matrilinear Line

1. Me, the unique snowflake

2. My Mom, Deborah

3. Anna MIX, b. 1920 in New York

4. Cornelia Elizabeth AKINS, b. 23 Apr 1887 in Lockwood, Tioga County, New York.


5. Hattie Elizabeth KIRBY, b. 19 Mar 1866 in Bennettsburg, Schuyler County, New York


6. Laura Lunett KIRBY, b. 21 Mar 1849 in probably Waterloo, Seneca County, New York

7. Elucinda GIBBS, b. 23 Dec 1820 in New York

Two notes - yes, there are two "Kirby" names in a row - Laura had Hattie out of wedlock and died soon after.  Secondly, in the 1900 census, Elucinda (no. 7) stated her mother was born in New York.

I haven't tried to find more on the Gibbs family in a long time but now of course this has piqued my interest!