Thursday, September 12, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - Matches in the Box

It's not exactly a genealogy treasure, but a little treasure nonetheless - I re-discovered my collection of match books the other day.

I was in Washington DC in July and in one of the restaurants we went to there was an actual bowl of matchbooks by the front door so of course I grabbed one of those retro little gems:

Once I finally got around to locating my container of matchbooks I realized that it had been years since I had added any - these are real treasures! 


I then realized that some of them actually came from visits to Walt Disney World - imagine WDW enabling people to smoke 'em if they had 'em!!!   The world can change a lot in a couple decades!

Not only that - but here's a photo of the baby version of me passed out on my Mom's shoulder in line for one of the Fantasyland rides at Walt Disney World and see that in the upper right corner?  There's a man SMOKING right there in the line for the ride!  As my grandfather would say: "Horrors!".  :-D

One other little treasure in the matchbook box was this little remnant left over from my angsty over-wrought teenage years:

Sorry again for those years Mom and Dad!  lololol

One other pin in there was this one from Walt Disney World in 1990 when my family was there for July 4th:

And finally, my keycard I guess from the year 2000 - it has my dad's name on the front but my signature on the back.  Thanks for buying everything Dad!!!!

I do miss the matchbooks - they were always a tiny free souvenir that was fun to look at.  :-)

Plus really valuable now right?  LOL, I did intensive research on ebay and discovered that any one of these matchbooks could be worth up to 200-300 pennies!  For real!