Monday, January 12, 2009

Devil in My Angel

So yeah, the new cat Angel's been at home with me for about a month now. He is a great cat, very loving. Loving to chase NooNoo that is. Not that she isn't an instigator or anything. Plus, he is young and full of energy and hated that I went back to work, so when I get home I have to play play play with him. If I stop before he's ready, he nips at my ankles!!!! Not meanly, just letting me know he still wants to play. Naturally I have been trying to teach him that this is not behavior that we will tolerate in this house mister. How has that been going?

Well let me tell you.

With poor Patches, my cat that passed away in November, literally, in a conversational tone of voice, you could say, "No Patches" and she would stop whatever she was doing or about to do!!! NooNoo of course is too slick to get caught doing anything. She's like a ghost or ninja. You have a feeling she was just there but there's nothing but a puff of smoke and a faint meow fading into the breeze.

With Angel sounds more like this:

No Angel, I said NO, I SAID NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not that I like running around my house with squirt bottles screaming like a banshee out of old Irish legends, it's just that that seems to be what he understands. I'm thinking I should get one of the 911 alert things and wear it around my neck because one of these days I'm either going over the balcony or down the stairs. I have a habit of going down the stairs, and that's not in the normal upright human way... I've actually had to throw out pairs of socks because it seemed that they caused the bottom of my feet to equal the slipperness of freshly waxed hotel lobby floors when walked on with high heels...

So tell me the it because he's a boy cat? I'm thinking that's pretty much the reason. So this proves it is in fact genetic, all that behavior, the not listening, the defiant bad behavior, the abject apologies and purring afterwards that just lead to more not listening as if nothing ever happened because nothing is ever actually remembered.

Tell me again why I didn't pick out an older cat????

Oh yeah, cause look at him, isn't he so sweet? :-)


  1. It IS probably, most likely, nah definately because he's all male. Has he been neutered? That might calm him down a little bit. I remember when my Punkin used to do that sort of thing, a looooong time ago ... hours really. He's almost 13 now. The flip side to that coin is that the boys tend to be the biggest love-bugs. Mine is such a snuggle bunny ... but only when HE wants to. I only exist when he needs food, snuggles, or someone to play with.

  2. yep, he's neutered, or so the SPCA said! He hasn't shown any actually aggressive behavior at all, I've never heard him growl or hiss even once. He just wants to play!!! Poor thing, maybe I need to get another cat for him to play with. It's such a slippery slope!

  3. Yeah, that's the right idea, another cat. Then you'll have a full time job of chasing after them both yelling NOOOOOO!!!!! or cleaning up after them when they're done knocking everything off the tables, shelves and the top of the fridge. Sure, grand idea! *snicker* Maybe instead, buy him a scratching post or one of those cat "cities" so he can hide and jump out at you when you're not paying enough attention to him. Or a remote controlled mouse. A laser pen might also do the trick. You'll have to let us know what works! Good luck! ;-)

  4. Awww I miss my cats... I had two when I lived in America but had to give them up when I had to move back to the UK :( :( Kitty cats are lovely!

  5. Gosh, animals, they're so darn cute when they're sleeping and not causing problems.