Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Genea-Wish List (SNGF)

Randy Seaver's latest Saturday Night Genealogy Fun posting asked this:

1) Think of the genealogy related wishes you have - what education, database, or information would make your genealogy research dreams come true? Be specific - as many wishes as you want to list!

So yeah, I've got a few, like:

1. I'd like to know who the parents of my great-grandmother Elizabeth (Lizzie) Obendorfer Domelle were.

2. I'd like to have a well-documented proven link (as in death record, birth record, newspaper entry) between my great-great grandfather John Mix, his father, Jonathan Collins Mix, and his father, Collins Mix.

3. I'd like to be independently wealthy so I could hire a team of historians and professional genealogists to find information for me while I fly to cool locations to stand and ponder the weight of history. Maybe it's just as well that Who Do You Think You Are? is over for the season.

4. And finally, what I consider my most important wish - I would like if all the local historical societies would receive grants, or donations, or bags of money would fall from the sky into their offices (not landing on anyone of course), so that they could scan and make available online all of their collections. sigh - this one I'd really like to have...

Thanks Randy for the interesting topic suggestions!!!


  1. Just starting out with this, I think #s 3 and 4 pretty much sum it up for me, as well. :-)

  2. I'm RIGHT THERE with you on 3 and 4. I'd also like to see a single massive database capable of storing ALL the proven connections from everyone. Like a Wiki Super Family Tree, but the proof has to be included.