Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 07 December 2011

Okay, not completely wordless this Wednesday!!

These are my paternal great-great-grandparents, Roman and Wanda (Pokornoski) Pawlak at their farm in Minnesota in July 1956. I wish I could have seen it!

I studied the feast laid out and I can come up with the following:

Mashed potatoes (?)
A stack of white bread (seems to have been a staple on every table in the 50s!!)
Cold cuts on a plate
Green olives
Coffee cups, creamer, sugar

I'm not sure what they are holding - some sort of bread? Any guesses?

Obviously this was a big family dinner judging by all the mis-matched chairs. I'm sure a good time was had by all!


  1. It's a cake that makes the number 80. How cute. That list of food makes me hungry.

    Was someone having a birthday?

  2. They are holding their 50th Wedding Anniversary cake. They had the celebration a little early so their eldest daughter Sophia could be there for the party. Roman was 76 and Wanda was 70.

  3. I wish you culd have seen the farm too Leah, you would have really enjoyed it. Your dad and I ate a few meals at the table pictured here and I can still remember the taste of raw milk right from the cows. It looks as if they are holding a cake in the picture and it looks to be in the shape of a 50 or 60. In July of 1956 your dad and I were there!

  4. Thanks everyone! Now that you've all mentioned "cake", it's so OBVIOUS to me that it's a cake! Funny how sometimes you just don't see things!

  5. I just love the big mound of mashed potatoes. My kind of dinner!