Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"How strange is the lot of us mortals! Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he senses it.

Sometimes I wonder if my life path is the correct one....maybe I made some sort of wrong turn somewhere a couple decades ago and now here I am. If only I had played softball in high school and not run track, or if I had stuck with the violin, or if I had decided to go blond when I was 20 rather than waiting.... Where would I be now?

I'm pretty sure I should be doing something where I research.....stuff. You know, whatever needs to be researched. I am willing to drop whatever I'm doing (thank goodness I don't work in a lab with anthrax or mrsa, or cutting diamonds or something) the minute someone around me makes some sort of statement requiring verification, or god forbid, they actually ask me if I know something.

I have channeled this need to find out stuff over the years into genealogy, occasionally forcing friends and acquaintances to learn more about their heritage when I needed a break from mine.

But every once in a while I feel this funny sort of feeling like I'm supposed to be actually doing something with this need....should I be in academia somewhere, writing dissertations on arcane medieval arguments? Should I be a professional genealogist? I'm pretty sure they make less than librarians, so there goes that idea. Someone has to pay the bills, and those lazy pets of mine do nothing, absolutely nothing, to contribute to the mortgage despite lazing around in air conditioning, popping little kitty bonbons into their mouths while I'm here at work, slaving over a hot keyboard.

That's why I went and got the MLIS degree, so I could be ready for whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing.....once I figure it out that is...

In the meantime, I found this great blog by this professional genealogist who is also a medievalist. He talks about stuff I'm interested in. Maybe I will be inspired one day by a posting and find my true calling....or maybe I'll win the lottery.

*Reminder to self....start playing the's hard to win it if you don't play...

A Genealogist's Sketchbook

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