Monday, August 11, 2008

Green Monster

I just got back from New Haven (had a mini-vacation) and there are three main things that I got out of the trip:

1. choose walking shoes wisely
2. there is no reason why cemeteries couldn't be more alphabetical-ish, or have at least SOME semblance of thought in how they are laid out, but no, it's all wheee, where should we bury this person, wheeee, let's put the next person WAY over here, wheeee, let's just put initials on this headstone, la la la...
and finally,
3. my allegiance is easily bought by beauty alone

I admit it, I am consumed with jealously. Yale is a beautiful campus, with beautiful buildings and it makes me sick. Not that I love my alma maters any less, nothing will take the place of penn state and pitt....but there was something extra up there....hmmm...maybe it's the smell of money.... :-D

Anyway, I have lots of pics and will post some of the highlights....

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