Friday, August 1, 2008

Payback is a B****

So the other day I was gloating over my wonderful win on Ebay. The next day I remembered that there was another book out there I had bid on. I went to check on it, and it suddenly occurred to me that it looked awfully fact, too familiar. Sure enough, after perusing one of my bookcases, there is was. I already owned it, I had bought it in a used bookstore in Pittsburgh.


Now, I know someone won't come in at the end and buy it out from under me and you know what? Now I own TWO of these very pretty turn-of-the-century books on Connecticut because just as I suspected, last night, no one bothered to try and steal this one out from under me.

That's what I get for my over-abundance of gloating the other day.

Oh and by the way, now I have a beautiful spreadsheet that lists what genealogy books I have.

My karma is always prompt. :-)

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