Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Laughter is the Best Medicine

So anyway, my sister had a baby last week (more on that in another post), and I just had to share this. When we first got to the hospital, they put us (me, my sister, and my brother-in-law) into a triage room where they made sure she really was having a baby before they admitted her. So there was some machine hooked up to her belly that was measuring contractions, and it would spew out a print-out showing nice little bell curves every time she had one.

Time passed.....(not that long, but hey, how long can you stare at the TV looking at Hurricane Gustav).....so I started poking around in the drawers and stuff in the room, seeing if there was anything cool or handy that I could appropriate for my own personal use.

And then it happened.....out of a bottom drawer in the cart holding the contraction-measuring thingy, I pull out from a huge pile, this long thin metal hook, about a foot+ long. It made me think of the hook they used to pull people off of a stage in the old days.

As I'm opening my mouth to ask my sister what it is, my eyes spy the name of the instrument on the package just as she's telling me. Something absolutely horrendous that had the words "amniotic" piercing" "death" destruction" "armageddon", stuff like that. In horror I threw it back on the pile of like HUNDREDS of them, and slammed the door shut.

Something about the whole little episode must have really tickled my sister's fancy because she busted out laughing at me and completely RUINED a perfectly good contraction. Hopefully there won't be long-term damage to Gracie in any way.

Below is a picture of the ruined contraction showing all the perfect contractions that preceded it. So now we all know what happens if you laugh while giving birth.

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