Sunday, February 7, 2010

Family Tree Maker Kinship Report Question

Hi out there all you Family Tree Maker users! If you're up for it, I have a question.

I am newly upgraded (as of about an hour ago) to FTM 2010. For the past several years I've stuck with FTM 16 for mainly one reason...the ability to see what multiple relationships exist in my family tree. I admit that I'm a sucker for finding out I'm my own 6th cousin, I just love that stuff. So I skipped FTM 2008 and 2009 after I saw comments that the kinship report didn't show all the relationships anymore.

So here's my question...

Is it really supposed to take 19 minutes to generate a kinship report for a database that has about 7800 people?

And should the generated report really be 420 pages, with nearly 70% of the relationships noted being the type of "Mother-in-law of 2nd cousin 2x removed" and "Nephew of Husband of 10th cousin 3x removed"?? No offense to those people, but I don't consider them actually related, I'm curious about actual blood relations here.

You see, I did NOT have the checkbox for "Show Unrelated Individuals" checked, so I'm confused as to why all these un-related people are in the report? There's even more un-related people in this report than there was in the FTM 16's version of the report!

Not to mention the 19 minutes??? What's the difference in report generation? My FTM 16 generated this report in 6 seconds. It's all those unrelated "Husband of Aunt of Husband of 2nd cousin 6x times removed" of course!!!!

Am I doing something wrong here? I have to be doing something wrong. Missing something right in front of my face? Any advice from more experienced users would be appreciated!

I could probably deal with it if it weren't for the whole 19 minute thing. To me that's un-usable, sorry, my attention span for that kind of wait was last seen around 1996.



  1. I use FTM2008 and my only complaint is that it is incredibly slow. I was goinf to upgrade to 2010 but after reading this, maybe not.

  2. Hi Apple, yes, I agree, maybe wait a bit - the speed seems to be great except when it comes to reports. I kept my ole reliable FTM 16 on my machine and continue to use that as my actual database for now.