Sunday, April 4, 2010

Remember This Picture When They Are Fighting

One of the 8,424 pictures my sister took of my niece and nephew for Easter is below (gotta love digital cameras!).

Awww, so sweet, isn't it?

When I saw it though, I immediately thought of a picture of my mom and her brother:

To me it was just a little reminder that really we humans are all connected, no matter how different we like to think we are!

Also, I wished that my nephew had been standing on my niece's foot just so the circle could be complete, but hey, you can't have everything! :-)


  1. This is a wonderful set of photos. Life is a circle!

  2. Leah, Just absolutely delightful pair of pictures!

  3. That is a VERY sweet photograph! It is definitely vital to catch those moments, so later on we can forget the fights and focus on the love. :)

  4. Leah, what a great pair of photographs. Thank you for sharing them!

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