Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Already in the Bucket

This morning on the radio someone mentioned a bucket list and I got to thinking about what would be on mine if I had one (I've never come up with one before).

I got this far:

1. see the pyramids in Egypt

2. Spend one month in the following cities:
---New Orleans
---New York City

But then I got to thinking about all the cool things I HAVE done already, and how lucky I am!!! So below is my Already Bucketed List - and my eternal gratitude goes out to all those who accompanied me or made possible these experiences:

Already Bucketed List

- took an overnight train ride with a real sleeping compartment just like in the movies

- stood over the tomb of Robert the Bruce in Dunfermline Abbey (he's my 20th great-granduncle)

- had a Scotsman laugh at MY accent (yeah, well, YOU try and say "Dunfermline" around the locals! :-D )

- went to Walt Disney World (multiple times)

- saw the moonlight from a full moon reflected in the ocean

- saw Monet's garden in France

- smelled the best rose I ever smelled ever (unknown rose in Washington DC I'll never forget you!!)

- saw Paris from the Eiffel Tower

- saw the Rosetta Stone (the real one, in the British Museum)

- saw Stonehenge (and more interestingly, the types of people it attracts)

- flew one time 1st class to Europe (I won't say much about this because really all it does is ruin the rest of your life for air travel anywhere in anyway)

- went to a real drive-in theater back in the day

- saw the Alps (for those of you used to East Coast USA mountains, it's just beyond description. Plus I had a really good time using the singular as in: "Hey, look over there, it's an Alp!")

- saw a baby being born, in real life (bonus - she's even related to me!)

- saw Westminster Abbey and the tombs of Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots (it was suddenly like they were real people!!!)

- went inside an actual cave with stalagmites and stalactites

- saw Rosslyn Chapel (and outside it were the Scottish version of our Queen-Anne's-Lace flowers that were as big as dinner plates!)

- drank a mint julep at a plantation house

- ate vegetables that I grew from seed

- learned to play an instrument (the violin - and I could probably pick it up and get to playing right now!)

- walked around in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 (and yes, it was AWESOME)

- went camping in woods and didn't get eaten by a bear (always an accomplishment)

- went snorkeling in the Caribbean

- saw live music played at Preservation Hall in New Orleans

What's really cool are those are the things that have just sprung to mind - I know there are so many other really wonderful things I've gotten the chance to see and do!!


  1. Well, this is an absolutely cool idea. May have to steal it (I will attribute!!). I've done a few of these things ... yes, definitely have to do a post on this. Thanks for the brilliant idea! (So how was the 1st class flight? I've only gotten to fly business class once and that was difference enough...)

  2. Greta - oh my - the 1st class flight was for business obviously - so we'd be fresh for a meeting right away as soon as we'd got there - and yes, I was totally fresh and ready to go - fully flat bed, real plates, real silverware, champagne and an actual menu to pick from with real food, oh it was wonderful to be able to stretch out. sigh! to this day I will still cough up the money to at least not fly coach to europe! :-) oh and help yourself to the idea!

  3. What a great idea --- what a great slam-dunk-in-the-bucket list!!! and communing with you 20th great uncle, what a treat! Can hardly wait til you really get down to thinking about your list. Thanks.

  4. This is a great idea! You are so right, we generally think about what we haven't done instead of all the really cool that things we have done!!

  5. Leah, you've done some wonderful things in your life! I'll have to dream for a while....

  6. Leah,
    Oh my gosh! We get so into thinking about what we want to do that we forget to stop and relish in what we have already done. I might just have to do a post on this topic sometime as well! You are brilliant!

  7. Leah, having just had a bad day or two you've certainly inspired me to think about my own "already done bucket list". Thanks for the inspiration! Very nice blog!

  8. Hi Leah ~ This is a wonderful idea!! I've decided to "copy" you...but I did give you full credit for the idea and directed people back here. It's been awhile since I posted anything on my blog and this was a great way to jump back in. Here is my Already Bucketed List.

  9. Leah, I enjoyed your list. Only thing is, I also get envious and want to do some of the same things others have done. Too bad I wasn't in your shoes with the "Monet's garden in France." Thanks for sharing.

  10. Awesome idea for a blog! I think I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and steal your idea, too. ;-) I've done 9 of the things on your "in the bucket" list ... I feel so accomplished now!

  11. Your idea is amazing!!! Yes, we all seem to be concentrated on 'what next!' So happy that I shared so many of those experiences with you!! And I can't help it...look forward to many more!!!!

    The picture if you snorkeling...that was one of the stingrays gliding under you (for those you didn't quite see that.) Not to mention the one that tried to climb up your back. That experience swimming with all those stingrays and sailing on a catamaran back to our island was exquisite!!!

  12. This may be the greatest idea (wait for it) EVERRRR!!!! The next time I have a chance to sit and think about it quietly, with a drink in my hand, I'm going to work on my list!