Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cornelia's Book

I admit here and now, I've blatantly stolen this idea from other genealogist's! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

I'm putting together a separate binder on my problem-children (those ancestors that insist upon remaining mysterious).

I already keep binders, but it had never occurred to me before to devote one just to a single ancestor and all the info I have on that person. I loved the idea!

The hardest thing was deciding what kind of binder I wanted. I decided to go with a good old-fashioned 2-prong pendeflex. I've worked with them a lot in my career in the past and they are very durable (not cheap either!! yikes! but worth it). I went with the 8 x 14 rather than 8 x 11 since it's easy to come across legal size docs in research. I'll keep documents and certificates properly stored elsewhere (in my brilliantly named "Certificates" binder of course, divided by type {birth, death, marriage, social security, divorce, etc.}), but will put copies of them here.

This first binder will be for my maternal great-grandmother, Cornelia AKINS MIX SIMPSON. I ordered copies of what photos I have of her, I'll put them in here.

I'll start with what I have - the photos, family group sheet, whatever other custom reports I can think of, maps of the addresses she lived at (no easy task, her husband was a laborer and they moved from farm to farm where the work was; we're talking 40 different addresses between 1905 and 1929!) and we'll see where we go from here!

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