Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back from Vacation, Back to Reality!

I just returned home from a lovely beach vacation down in Negril, Jamaica. It was beautiful, sun was warm, water was warm, food and drink was plentiful. Couldn't ask for more!

Except when it comes to the traveling part. The one good thing we had going for us was that we weren't flying USAir (which would have meant automatic late departure and loss of luggage). We flew Jamaica Air, and I can't say enough about the staff on the plane - very friendly and courteous, they were wonderful.

What I will complain about is....yeah, you guessed it! Leg room.

Yeah yeah, I know, it's a given, we aren't supposed to be comfortable flying. We're supposed to be packed like cattle going to the slaughter-house, but it's gotten a bit ridiculous. I'm 5 foot 6 inches. Not that tall I thought. Am I mistaken? Is it tall? Well, apparently to the airline industry I'm a GIANT. My knees were literally pressed against the seat in front of me. There was no place to go!!!

Below I present my photographic proof:

I'll say this and then stop whining:

Dear Airline People in Charge of Cutting Costs Who Decided That Cramming In Extra Rows Of Seats Would Be Fine Because Those Customers Should Just Shut Up And Be Grateful They Even Get To Be On The Plane:

When you die and go to hell (because you will), your hell will have you as a coach passenger on non-stop flights from NYC to Australia, sitting in a middle seat, on a full plane, with only the one bathroom all the way in the back (because you removed the other ones to add more seats). Shame, shame, shame on all of you!!!! And when you get to Australia, you get back on a plane and go back to NYC, in the same seat. Over and over and over again. Dante's 7th ring of hell has nothing on this!!



But enough of that!!! Back to Jamaica!

Here's a couple pics from the resort, I miss it already!


  1. Great pictures of Jamaica! I'd love to go. But now that I've read this blog and know what it's like to fly....I'm sure I'll just be happy with looking at other people's pictures, LOL!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Leah. But the airline travel makes ya think twice about going anywhere these days, doesn't it. I'm glad you had a nice vacation tho.

  3. Great photos Leah. Ditto about the leg room - that is the only thing I hate about flying, but since I am 6'4" it doesn't just make it uncomfortable, it is excruciating. Try it for about 40 hours (with a few few pit stops) from Auckland to London!

  4. Leah, I have wondered this same thing. I'm also 5'6", and if I'm uncomfortable, how must someone who is tall (say, like Brett above) feel? I've come to appreciate car'n'train vacations a lot more! But glad it was so beautiful for you in Jamaica.

  5. My wish..."Beam me up, Scotty."

  6. Beautiful photos, Leah! I hope you had a wonderful time in Jamaica.

    I'm with ya on the letter to the airline people. However, what makes it worse for me is the addition of a 4 y/o raising and lowering the tray table, raising and lowering the window shade, kicking the seat in front of her, screaming "I gotta go potty NOW," from the window seat about 20 times, schlepping to the bathroom only to have her say, "I can't go potty now." A 6-hour flight with that kind of fun makes the lack of leg room seem pretty tolerable.