Thursday, June 10, 2010

Broome County NY County Clerk has a Great Website

I love immediate gratification!

So when I stumble across a website that has put in the long hours of work of scanning parts of their archive just so I can buy AND receive documents at 11pm at night while sitting in my jammies drinking a benedictine and water (mmmmmmm)....well, I just have to give them kudos!!! :-)

If I had a virtual gold star, I'd stick it on their website!

So if you have some docs like wills or such from the last 30 years or so that are in Broome County NY's County Clerk's Office - check out this website:

All you have to do is a "Document Search", then filter it some more by choosing type of document, or date or name (I did a search on one of my surnames: MIX) - and then I limited it by document type - Will.

And boom!

There was the 1964 will of Hattie Bell Winewright Mix, the wife of my great grand-uncle, Orvil Thomas Mix!

Even better, there was a button next to it to Order a Copy!

And EVEN BETTER than that, it cost me less than 2 dollars and TA DAH, I had a .tif copy of the will!

Truly, an awesome website. If only I had more relatives that lived in Broome County NY.

If you are lucky enough to have relatives from Broome County, please go to their website and order documents so they get more money to scan more of their records!!

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  1. If only ALL counties would do this! Perhaps sometime in the future it will happen. Thanks for the heads up.