Monday, June 28, 2010

And now, let's see what's happening in "Poetry Corner"

Alas! Another day has passed
and my mailbox is sadly bare;
The New York Department of Health
has yet to answer my prayer!

O NY DOH, please do tell--
Tell me yay, tell me nay!
Have you seen my death certs?
My patience is oh so frayed!

The truth has been told by my bank;
On 11 June you cashed my winter-writ check!
Yet every day since then
Fruitless has been my mailbox trek!

The suspense is killing me!
Will I get my certs?
Or will the dreaded Letter of No Records Found
Be my cold com-fert?

O New York Department of Health, take pity!
I toss and I turn every night!
Have you not heard of immediate gratification?
Come on already!!!!!

(with all apologies to the New York DOH, yes I know it costs money to scan records and make them available to the supplicants I mean users immediately via a website and you need people to run the website and have the ability to process credit cards online but I swear, I will contribute lots of money towards recouping your investment because there are LOTS and LOTS of records I would buy, I SWEAR!)


  1. And now you know why, when in a moment of vexation, confusion or discombobulation, Homer exclaims "DOH!"

  2. Brilliant! And I have to confess, I first read DOH as, well, 'DOH!' Of course, if you don't get your death certs, you may be calling it that, too.

  3. LOL! It must have been a sub-conscious thing -- me putting "DOH" rather than "D.O.H."!!