Sunday, October 24, 2010

SNGF - People Born on My Birthday

This weeks Saturday Night Genealogy Fun from Randy Seaver was to find the people in your database that have the same birthdate as you:

1) Is there a person in your genealogy database that has the same birth date that you do? If so, tell us about him or her - what do you know, and how is s/he related to you?

2) For bonus points, how did you determine this? What feature or process did you use in your software to work this problem out? I think the Calendar feature probably does it, but perhaps you have a trick to make this work outside of the calendar function.

My answers are:

1) No one has my exact year, but there are 9 people that have the same month and day (October 9th). There are 8009 people in my database. So that means, if you are in my database, there is a .001123 chance that your birth date is Oct. 9th.

I love statistics! I hate math. But I love statistics! One of these days I'm going to do a whole chart that maps out the birth months for my database.


Back to those 9 people. They are:

Nathaniel AMES (b. 09 Oct 1677) - No direct relationship to me
Caleb ATWATER (b. 09 Oct 1705 - Husband of my 2nd cousin 8x removed
Damaris ATWATER (b. 09 Oct 1698) - No direct relationship to me
Mary BOZWORTH (b. 09 Oct 1732) - My 6th great grand-aunt
Robert W. DAY (b. 09 Oct 1854) - My 10th cousin 5x removed
Abigail Adams ELIOT (b. 09 Oct 1892) - My 10th cousin 5x removed
Eliza Mitchell ELIOT (b. 09 Oct 1830) - My 10th cousin 5x removed
Mary Rotch ELIOT (b. 09 Oct 1847) - My 10th cousin 5x removed
Vista A. WALKER (b. 09 Oct 1823) - My 5th cousin 4x removed

Not one person in the 20th century other than me!

And how about those ELIOTs, huh? I checked their relationships to each other:

Eliza and Mary ELIOT are sisters and they are 1st cousins with Abigail ELIOT.

Also, no direct ancestors for me; the closest is my 6th great grand-aunt, Mary BOZWORTH of Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Her older sister Esther BOZWORTH married Timothy IDE, and they are my direct ancestors.

2) I figured all this out using my trusty Family Tree Maker v16 which I shall never give up, at least as long as the new versions of FTM don't give me the same reporting flexibility and power.

I did a custom report on names and birth dates, exported to .CSV file and then did a search on "09 oct". Each time it turned up, I copied and pasted into a new sheet and then continued the search.

Thanks Randy, this was interesting!!

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