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Obituary of Elmer Quick (abt. 1853 - 1926)

More obituaries from my grandmother's collection. I believe that some of them she inherited from her mother, it's likely this is one of them.

Elmer QUICK is the brother of the 2nd husband of my great-great-grandmother. Got that? :-)

My great-great-grandmother, Hattie KIRBY, married a widower with several children. He died after only a few years of marriage, and after that, with two young children of her own now, Hattie married the widower Joseph QUICK (who also had children of his own).

According to family legend, Joseph was a good man who dealt with some difficult circumstances. As my grandmother would tell the story, one day, when Joseph was a child, work was being done to butcher several pigs, I guess there were several families together at one spot doing the work. At one point the adults had stepped away, I don't know whether it was to eat a meal or what, but several children ganged up on the young Joseph, they slit him from his neck down to his abdomen and were about to dump him into the large container of boiling water used to scald the pigs so the hair could be easily scraped off the skin. Before he was dumped in the water, some of the adults found what was happening and stopped it. My grandmother would point to me the couple pictures she had of him, and in those pictures he always had a very long beard; she would tell me that he always wore the long beard to cover up his scar.

Joe QUICK died before my grandmother was born (he died in 1913), so that means this was a story she only heard from her mom and grandmother.

This obituary, as I stated before, is for Elmer, who was Joe's brother. So it may have been my great-grandmother, or even my great-great grandmother who saved the obituary.

Not all identifying information was trimmed off of this obituary, I have the date of the newspaper, but unfortunately, the name of the newspaper is unclear. It could be the Ithaca Daily News, but I have not confirmed that.

Also, there are other local tidbits of information that was not trimmed away, so that also makes me think that it was someone else, maybe my great-great grandmother, who saved this obituary.

Obituary Text:

Hold Funeral Today For Elmer Quick, 73

Caroline Center, June 15. - Elmer Quick, 73, died in Ithaca last Saturday. He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Estabrook of Van Etten, Miss Mildred Quick of Willard and Mrs. Florence Goldman of Michigan; three half-brothers, Jefferson Lynch of Brooktondale, Andy Lynch and George Lynch of Caroline Center.

The funeral was held at the home of Mrs. Estabrook of Van Etten today. Mr. Quick had been in ill health for several months.

Mr. and Mrs. George Richards and Miss Ella Richards attended the Mount-Gee wedding at the home of her brother, Ralph Mount, of Trumansburg, last Wednesday.

Miss Bernice Munch closed her school last Friday with a picnic on the church lawn.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lynch and daughters Henrietta and Mary spent Sunday at the home of their aunt, Mrs. Charles Davis, of Lisle.

Richard L. Snow has not missed or been tardy a day of school for the past two years.

Florence Yaple is expecting to teach this school next year.

Maurice Lynch has rented Edgar Baker's farm.

Cecile Benton has measles.

Arliss Olney is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Lindsey, of Brooktondale.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Richards and children of Candor were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Richards.

Edgar Lasby and Richard L. Snow are trying regents at Brooktondale this week.

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