Sunday, April 20, 2008

"...five, six, pick-up sticks, seven, eight, lay them straight..."

Spring is my favorite time of year, especially late spring. Yesterday was such a perfect day and the whole family went to Valley Forge park to have a picnic. I am not usually a picnic person, I don't see the fascination in eating outside where your hot food gets cold and your cold food gets hot, and there are bugs everywhere and things get dirty and bathrooms are far away or non-existent. I know I know, there's something wrong with me. But yesterday was very nice, we had pillows spread on the blanket so we could lounge around like the Romans at a state dinner. Also, I do have to admit that champagne tastes just as good outside as it does inside.

We used to go to Valley Forge all the time when I was little and we lived in an apartment. It's different to go there now since I found out that I have an ancestor who spent the winter there during the revolutionary war. His name was Thomas Mix, and he is my great-great-great-great-great grandfather. He was in Varnum's brigade, we drove past his headquarters a couple times yesterday. It's weird to think that guy (Thomas), who lived in Connecticut, tromped all over these same areas that I've lived in most of my life.

My nephew spent nearly the entire time we were there collecting sticks. He learned to do that from my mom, who uses him as cheap child labor at her house cleaning up the yard. One day it will occur to him that he's doing work and it will all be over for her! :-)

Here's a few pics from yesterday:

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