Monday, May 5, 2008

"Dark and sinister man, have at thee."

I have some sort of problem on a cosmic level where I get hooked on things, and I mean that literally. Mostly it's a sleeve getting hooked on a doorhandle, or if I'm wearing a robe or something with a loose belt, it will get caught on things.

I was taking the garbage out the door this morning and my right sleeve got hooked on the handle for the screen door. Screen door handles aren't that substantial, and yet my sleeve was so caught up in it I had to stop what I was doing and unhook myself. And it's not like I go around with these long flowy sleeves, it was a normal sleeve like a normal person would wear.

A few weeks ago I was in a public bathroom, and as I went to exit the stall, my coat sleeve (my right one again) hooked on the latch. Problem was, I had gotten up quite a head of steam in walking out of the stall and nearly went flying back into it once I got caught. I told my sister that what immediately popped into my head was the dog in the cartoon with the big rooster (this, I say, this means war) - can't think of his name at the moment - but he always taunted the dog who was attached to his dog house by the leash, and he'd go running and be yanked back by the lease.

Somehow it doesn't seem as funny when I write it out...

OH - Foghorn Leghorn, that's his name.

I know other people don't get caught on things like I do, it's a special gift my mother says I inherited from her.

Thanks mom!

One time, I was driving, and I had silver bracelets, jingly ones, on both wrists. Somehow I went to make a turn and the next thing you know, the bracelets on each arm were caught on each other, so I'm driving down the road, literally handcuffed trying to yank them apart.

Sleeves, belts, purse straps, bracelets, they are all magnets for anything hookish I pass by.

I'm sure it all has some sort of deep meaning, but I sure don't know what it is...

Oh, and of course you know I had to go find one of the cartoons I was talkinig about...about a minute in you'll see what happens to me:

Remember that show on HBO, it was called Dream On, where the guy had a soundtrack of old tv shows in his head for all the stuff that happened in his life?

I have's pretty hilarious sometimes too.

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