Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder

Yeah yeah, so I thought I would post an update on my facial peel from earlier in the month (also known as: How I Learned to Love Putting Acid on my Face).

I got the peel on the tuesday before Halloween. If only I had planned better, I could have used it effectively as a halloween costume. But that night (halloween) was the last night I would put makeup on for about a week, maybe it was more. That weekend it started.......you know.....



At first it was just a little bit, around the corners of my mouth. Then it spread, around my eyes, my cheeks, my chin, my ears, my EYEBROWS. Did she pour acid onto my eyebrows and ears? I didn't really recall that from the spa appointment. I could feel my skin crack when I opened my mouth!!!!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I'm so disgusting! What is wrong with us as a society that we would do stuff like this to ourselves?????

I stayed in all weekend, I looked like I should have been in a burn unit and really I probably should have gone to a doctor or something. My face was so HOT it burnt the back of my hands when I would press them against my face. I put washclothes in freezing cold water and just pressed it against my face. I popped advil like candy for the anti-inflammatory stuff.

Nothing worked.

And I had done this to myself.

Back to work on Monday, sitting in my darkened office. Now people liked to joke around with me, ha ha, how's your face? At least I know now I could get any cosmetic procedure and it wouldn't freak out these guys I work with. Their wives have trained them well.

I learned to wash my face in the morning...ahhhhhhhhh, that got all the flakes of skin off, then all day, NO TOUCHING OF THE FACE! No TOUCHING, no scratching, no rubbing, no matter HOW MUCH IT ITCHED. Because if one touched the face, then it started falling off. Then that night, speed home from work and ahhhhhhhh rub the washcloth on my face while I washed it. But not too much, because then the face would get all hot and irritated again. Repeat this cycle, day after day.

I'm a slow healer. And my skin was pretty mad at me.

Finally, the beginning of the next week I had a meeting at work with other companies we partner with, and thank GOODNESS by then it was safe to put the makeup back on.

And I have to say......my face (by then, two weeks later) was sooooooo smooth and wonderful. Maybe....... it wasn't so bad after all and I should get more peels. In the future. Maybe by somebody else. Maybe. And if I bring that up to any of you, remind me of this. Please. Because I probably will do another one, I'm good like that.....

So anyhoo, on another note, a friend of mine just went and got eyeliner tattooed on her eyelids.


Once you get past the initial feeling of gut-wrenching revulsion concerning the idea of needles poking at your eyes repeatedly and in a permanent manner.....

maybe that's not such a bad idea.

I'll be monitoring her healing process closely because I sure would love not to have to put on stupid eyeliner anymore. I really hate putting on makeup because you have to do it every day. Every day! Every single day! Otherwise, people would see what you really look like!

Of course, now the guys I work with know what I really look like, and they still talk to me, (even when I had pieces of skin falling off my burnt face) but really they don't count. They are all techie engineery types who talk about physics and math stuff like I talk about how much I hate Speidi and how much I'm rooting for Britney. They have no idea what's normal anyway. I could tell them anything.


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