Monday, March 30, 2009

Time to Spring-Clean the Car

So I decided to finally pursue a membership in DAR. I had put it off for many years because it would require that annoying thing called "actual proof". "Actual proof" takes all the fun out of genealogy research and sometimes makes it feel the tiniest bit like work. But not really that much, and it's mostly work that I enjoy.

Except for instance, like now, when I'm entering like 500 Redcay obituaries I found on Geez louise those Redcay's were/are prolific!!! But don't think for a moment I won't enter all that information in my database. It's called OCD my friends, and it's a blessing and a curse. Funnily enough though, the OCD only rears it's head in certain parts of my life. For instance, there's junk in my car's trunk right now from I don't even know how long ago. I drive around with all that stuff back there, let my co-workers make fun of me when they put their laptop bags back there, but do I do anything about it? Nope. Just. Don't. Care.

Don't think for a minute I'm exaggerating either. There's containers of kitty litter, cardboard boxes to be recycled, books to be sold to the Book Barn in west chester, a salad dish, dry cleaning, and an external dvd drive. And that's just what's on top.

But leave one obituary out of my Redcay family tree? NO WAY!!!! The information would be incomplete!!! Are you CRAZY!?!?!?!?!?

Yes, it's a sickness. I've learned to live with it.

But anyway, back to the DAR information. I contacted them back in February letting them know I think I have something, and they have this disclaimer that it could be several many lots of weeks before you are contacted back. Nothing so far....I'm trying to be patient! Anyway, so here's what I think my lineage is:

1. Me!

2. My Mom (no need to get too personal on a public blog)

3. My Grandma (ditto)

4. William Homer Mix, b. 1876, Caroline, Tompkins County, NY (m. Cornelia Akins)

5. John Francis Mix, b. 1830, Tioga County, NY (m. Mary Ellen Cook)

6. Jonathan Collins Mix, b. 1803-1804, NY (m. Sally Stevens)

7. Collins Mix, b. 1777, Wallingford, CT (m. Leafe Ide)

8. Thomas Mix, b. 1745, Wallingford, CT (m. Lois Collins)

Isn't "Leafe Ide" a great name??? I love that name. Did they pronounce it like leaf from a tree, or some other way? Are there still people in Vermont with that name? That's where she was from, it was a hot name in her neighborhood. So was "Squire" for a boy. Her father's name was "Squire Ide", and he was not the only one.

So anyway, it's Generation 8, Thomas Mix, who was in the Revolutionary War, in the 4th Connecticut Regiment (and spent the winter at Valley Forge, maybe that's him in the picture!). I like Thomas and Lois, they've given me lots of interesting things to look at over the years. Lois Collins, his wife, is my link back to nobility and royalty in Scotland and England (through her grandmother, Lois Burnet). I distinctly remember the day during the winter of 2002 that I figured that out. But that's all a story for another day!!

Hopefully I'll hear from DAR soon and start the process of my application with all that annoying proof. Wish me luck!


  1. Leah,

    email me at

    I have some answers for you re:DAR

  2. Perhaps you could inherit a great deal of money from your parents.

  3. Good luck on the patience with that!!