Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie!

We celebrated my niece's 1st birthday yesterday. There was an abundance of balloons, little girl clothing and champagne, so all in all, a great party. My nephew was a trooper throughout it all, we kept reminding him that his birthday (his 4th) would be coming up soon and then he would have his own balloons and cake and he handled it pretty well!

My sister totally overhauled the highchair, I think she should leave it like this all the time!!

The birthday girl got flowers sent to her for the first time, I think she liked them!

As with most little ones, she could care less about the presents, she really like the green tissue paper, walked around with it clutched in her hand for a while!

Here's one of the sweet little hats she got from her Nana, the other one has ostrich feathers on it, so cute! Notice the little yellow baby bottle in her hand...what I didn't get a picture of was her putting it to her mouth and throwing her head back as if she was downing a shot. I can't imagine where she gets that from in this family! :-)

And here is her stoic older brother, gazing INTENTLY at the birthday cakes (one for us, one for Gracie to destroy)...

Birthday girl liked her cake!!

But definitely liked the whisk best of all, I guess it was just right to gnaw on for those pesky front teeth that are coming in!!

Happy 1st Birthday Gracie!!!

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  1. What a great party it was!!! And what a little peanut she was walking from room to room amongst the sea of legs clutching her little treasures in her hands!!! So absolutely adorable!!