Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why is Very, Very Accurate

I was on the other day looking up a phrase (please, don't ask, I was sorry I knew what it meant once I looked it up, let's just move on, shall we?) and I found that my first name was actually on there! That's odd, I thought, what could my name possibly mean in a hip and urban language?

The first definition is this:

To describe something of such superb standards it almost cannot be described by any word or sentence or onomatopoeia in the English language.

Oh man, look at that Leah!

She soooo sexy!!!!

Imagine my delight and surprise!!

There were several other definitions, not quite as accurate as this one, with things in them like:

"...Leah = pretty and thin even though she may not think so."

"...May bite and twitch if provoked."

"...extremely attracted to shiny material, especially coins."

"...Of latin origin meaning someone who did a bad job with their due diligence."

Who knew? :-)


  1. "...May bite and twitch if provoked."

    ROFLMAO That could be me!

  2. Believe it or not, I have used in my capacity as a professional translator and it was very useful (not to mention amusing....).