Saturday, March 20, 2010

Treasure Trove of Scanning

This is a picture of the documents/loose photos my maternal grandparents were willing to temporarily part with so I could scan them. So far I've spent about 9+ hours on scanning and have just a dent!!!

I've been saving both pictures and old documents as TIF files and jpegs and trying to come up with meaningful names. Also, I created folders like "small cardboard box" and "small paper bag" and the scans of those contents are what goes in the folder so I can trace back where I originally found the document/photo.

So far some of what I've got is about 10 un-identified photos that seem to be to be from between 1890-1910 (AUGH!!!), I've got the deed to my great-grandmother's farm, and scans of the handwritten little notes my great-grandmother kept where she noted births and deaths of family members. A good start!

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  1. Your folder names are similar to mine! I keep thinking there's got to be a better way but for now at least it's possible to trace back to the originals.