Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Websites that post video content...

Hello out there all you websites! I know you are trying desperately to figure out a way to hold us hostage like in the olden days of TV where we had to watch consecutive minutes of commercials. I know you need to make money, I totally get that and I'm okay with it.

But all you news websites (and other websites) that try to make me watch a 30-second commercial so I can watch a 90 second video......well, it just doesn't happen. I leave. Sorry. Well, actually I'm not sorry.

Let's be realistic. 15 seconds max. I totally sit through a 15 second commercial to wait for my content. But on principal, I'm not sitting through a 30 second one. Ever.

I don't even think commercials on TV should be 30 seconds anymore!!!! We're all so immune to ads at this point, just show a picture of your product and say what it does. That's all we need. Showing me that your Charmin toilet paper is strong and soft enough for a bear's butt doesn't really influence me. Just flash a picture of your toilet paper roll with the words "Really Strong and Really Soft on Your Butt" and I'll get the idea. Maybe I'd even buy it!

Okay, stepping off my soap box for the moment. But I'll be back! :-D

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