Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thanks for All the Happy!

Many Many Thanks to everyone that nominated me for the Happy 101 Award! You all made me feel very special!!!

Of course, I am a day late and a dollar short when it comes to nominations, as it seems the award has made its' rounds through our community.

So rather than struggle to find only 10 blogs that I love (my Google Reader has 43 genealogy blogs!), that also haven't already been nominated multiple times, I'll stick to listing out 10 things (in random order) that make me both Happy AND Grateful.

Happy Things:

1. Nature

The other day, I stood up in my office getting ready to go home and something outside the window in the distance caught my eye. Behind my building is a parking lot, but beyond that is a small area of woods. I've delighted in watching the trees get green in the spring, turn colors in the fall, and hold snow in the winter. It's amazing how many shades of green there are! This one day though, snow was on the ground from this very cold snap we've had and what had caught my eye was a red fox. He trotted out of the woods from the left and sat down next to a tree and looked around. He was so pretty against the snow!!! After a minute or two, he got up and ran back into the woods. The very next day, again, movement caught my eye, and I got to watch two young deer actually frolic - they were running around, stopping, waiting for the other to catch up, then running around again. It was so cool!

2. Christmas Lights

It's true, I adore christmas lights. They cast such a happy warm glow, I would keep them on year round, but then I guess they wouldn't be as special, and wouldn't be "christmas" lights but just plain old everyday lights.

3. Mom's Sympathy

There's nothing like Mom on those bad days. I'll show her a burn from the oven or a horrible black-plague-like bug bite and she just pours the sympathy all over me. Thanks Mom!

4. Laughing at Things with My Dad

AIRPLANE! Family Guy. South Park. Ren and Stimpy. Hot Shots and Hot Shots Part Deux. Jude Law being Paris Hilton on SNL (I bet he still has that on tivo)...the list could go on and on!

5. Pets

Unconditional Love, need I say more?

6. Friends You've Been Friends With So Long That When You Are Out Together and Somebody Weird Walks Into the Bar You Don't Even Have To Say Anything You Can Just Look At Each Other And Crack Up

Oh yeah, it's awesome.

7. Cars That Turn On Every Time

Honestly, it's heaven. If you've never been a girl who knew nothing about cars and owned a car pre-cell phone era that didn't turn on all the time, you just won't get this one. I love my reliable little car.

8. The Internet

The other day I was walking up the stairs and a book on a little bookcase I have there caught my eye. It was Bartlett's Quotations. I got it in my early 20s and was so pleased with it! All those quotations in one spot! And I thought wow, a kid now would wonder what's the point of that book when you can find whatever you want on the internet? I've loved learning things and knowing things and finding out about things all my life. I think the Internet is the coolest thing ever.

9. Hot Chocolate Made with Real Whole Milk

I had a little bit of whole milk left over from all the holiday cooking so I made a cup of hot chocolate with it. OH. MY. GOD. That's what hot chocolate is supposed to taste like, not that crap you make up in the office with the hot water that comes out of the coffee machine! I forgot! Holy cow it was good. It didn't even need whipped cream! I just sat there fully focused on drinking it, tasting it. Wow.

10. Tropical Ocean Water

There's just nothing like walking straight into the ocean and not noticing a temperature difference. Clear and beautiful and warm, I could just float forever in it. And I'm a good floater, which I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that my body fat is probably at about 75% after all that eggnog last month.

11. Yes, My List Goes to 11...

Because it's my blog and I get to do what I want here. The last thing I'm grateful for are all the wonderful connections I've made online with this whole genealogy "thing". I've met such caring, funny, helpful and brilliant people and I'm grateful for the chances I've had to interact with you all, and happy about all the laughs and sympathy and epiphanies you've given me! You are all the best! Remember to do things that make you happy!!!

R.I.P. Hugh Watkins

You are, and will be greatly missed!

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  1. Excellent list. Grew up in a family in which cars often did not do what they were supposed to do (except for our Edsel), so I can really appreciate #7. Christmas lights - oh, yeah. And yes, your blog does go to 11.