Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ode to My Family's History - 89th COG

The latest Carnival of Genealogy has a topic of poetry! We can write a poem on our family's history.

Here is my submission (and I apologize ahead of time!!!). :-)

O Woe is me!
My poor family tree
Is full of walls
Made of brick and concrete!

One is John Akins,
That scurrilous lad!
"Says" he’s from England,
Ha! That’s a laugh!

Ole Natty Turner,
Of Lamberton fame.
Born maybe in London,
Beyond that, fair game!

Great Grandma Lisbet,
A mysterious dead end.
The Obendorfer wall
In all directions extends!

Domelle O Domelle!
What’s your ethnicity?
German or Hungarian?
Or is it Tomele with a T?

Finally that Kirby!
My great-gram’s dad.
Census-takers must have
His info been forbade.

All of these walls,
All so dear to me!
I’ll never give up,
That I guarantee!


  1. Great job Leah! I admit that the "poem" I am working on is a difficult task. Should I add this or that? You have done a a terrific job! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that you chose to do this on your brick walls - great job! And I'm also intrigued by the Domelle/Tomele name.

  3. I'm so impressed, Leah. You are so talented!!! Sure would like to know if I am a Domelle or a Tomele???!! lol

  4. Greetings friend! I have awarded you a much deserved Bloggers Best Friend Award! You may pick it up at...

  5. Great poem! Loved that you spun it around your brick walls! May you find that one of your walls 'tumbles' as a result of your poem!